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Drones Scare me

drone picLiterally every day, a drone is flown dangerously close to a commercial plane as its landing or taking off from an airport.It is not a question of IF a drone is going to cause a major air disaster, it is now a question of WHEN.

There’s a lot in the media about drones invading privacy and being a nuisance, but I really don’t think that enough attention to the danger of a drone being sucked into and damaging a plane engine at it’s most vulnerable moments of flight.

Most plane crashes happen during landings or takeoff.  Adding drones as another potential cause of an accident is frightening as the number of owners have grown exponentially.

I don’t know what these hobbyists are thinking when they fly their toys near airports. ¬†Do they not understand that they putting a lot of lives at risk? I hope the FAA’s new legislation requiring drone owners to register their contraptions prompts them to be more responsible…but I’m probably being overly optimistic.

I just hope I’m not on a plane when this happens.

One plane crash in a lifetime is more than enough for me.