Meeting Fellow Plane Crash Survivors

Last week, I met up with Lindy Philip (coauthor) and Lisa R — both fellow plane crash survivors — in New York City along with a few of their friends.  Originally, Lindy and I were hoping to have a get-together with as many of the people profiled in Bracing for Impact: True Tales of Air Disasters and the People Who Survived Them as possible to celebrate the release of the book. But the logistics turned out to be too much and it was just a few of us that could make it…..not to say that our small numbers diminished our fun.  Au contraire.

Despite having worked closely together for over a year, Lindy and I had only met in person briefly once before. And I’d never met Lisa in-person before (just through Skype and the phone). We spent several days tromping around the city, eating, shopping, people watching, going to an art museum, riding the subway and waling, walking, walking.  We did go to the 9/11 Memorial, something I’d been a little hesitant to do being that I live outside NYC and my ex-husband worked in the WTC at the time of the attack (he fortunately got stuck in traffic that morning and was about to get on the ferry to NY when the second plane hit). The exhibit was so well done, I highly recommend it to anyone who can make it.

It pored rain almost the entire time Lindy, Lisa & Company were here (thanks to Hurricane Joaquin that was battering the Caribbean and sending much-needed buckets of water up north), but that didn’t diminish anyone’s enthusiasm.  We laughed and joked around.  We are all very different, but there was an instant bond that comes from being plane crash survivors.  None of us really talked about our crashes much, instead it was like getting together with an old friend that you already knew well.

That doesn’t happen often, and I hope that we can do it again sometime soon. We all know how precious life can be.

Thanks for coming!


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