Let Malaysian Airlines MH370 start to heal

The discovery of a piece from the wing from the missing Malaysian Airlines 370 (MH370) on Reunion Island 17 months after the plane disappeared (and thousands of miles from where it was expected to be found) has, unfortunately, not provided much comfort or closure to the surviving friends and family of the passengers onboard.

Instead conspiracy theories continue to flourish, and this is not helping those that remain behind process their grief or start the healing process.

Crazy as it sounds, a poll done by CNN last year found that one in 10 Americans believe space aliens were responsible for the plane’s disappearance. Other rumors circulate that the wing fragment is a fake.

And let’s not forget the knee-jerk finger pointing at North Korea or Russia  that some believe stole or hijacked the plane…or that the U.S. military shot the hijacked plane down to prevent an attack at one of its military base along the Indian Ocean. Some conspiracy theorists have even concocted elaborate stories based on insurance scams or that the Malaysian Airlines plane MH17 that crashed in a field in the Ukraine was actually the missing MH370 plane that had been hidden until it could deliberately be crashed in the Ukraine to discredit Russia.


In today’s world of hyper social media, it’s nearly impossible to have a private moment even when you really need and try to have one.  Do you really think these cockamamie plans could have been executed without anyone filming or otherwise leaking it? It’s hard enough to believe that the plane could disappear at all, but to be hidden or purposely shot down without word?

Loss of a loved one is hard to process. And these rumors and speculation are only confusing matters further.  It’s time to accept the fact that the world’s oceans are extremely large and often very deep.  If there’s anywhere the remnants of the plane could be hidden, it would be in the ocean, which explains the barnacles that were growing on the piece of wing that was found on Reunion Island.

As painful as it is, it’s also time for people to move on and allow the remaining family and friends to grieve properly without clinging to false hopes.

We truly hope that more of the plane is found and that answers to questions about why or how this tragedy happened comes to the surface.  But in the meantime, let’s be respectful to those who have to live day to day with the pain of having no real answers.

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