Not a fan of drones!

I understand the use of drones by the military and first responders, but I am NOT a big fan of drones being used by civilians.  What possible good can come out of it?  It’s too tempting for a drone fixed with a camera to invade people’s privacy (and ultra creepy to look your window and realize someone you can’t see or identify is watching you). And lately there have been stories all over the news of drone-owning idiots using them in ways that could be extremely dangerous.

Just this Friday, two planes coming in and out of JFK Airport in NY (one of the busiest airports in the world) flew within 100 feet of a drone!. Are you kidding me!

The loss of life on either the JetBlue or Delta flight would have been catastrophic if that drone had gotten sucked into one of the engines–a real possibility. Whoever was flying their toy could have caused one of those planes to crash and kill everyone on board. The FAA says they have about 25 of these types of incidents every month!

That’s too much – either get those drones off the civilian market or make everyone who has one get a license that requires that anyone can track the drone to its owner.  The anonymity of drones breeds reckless behavior. After all, why not press the envelope if you know there’s no way someone can figure out who is at the other end of the controls.

Here are a few other recent bonehead moves by drone enthusiasts:

And 18-year-old kid attached a gun to his drone and posted a video of him remotely firing off shots!  Was he shooting at people? Animals? Is he crazy?

Drone accidents in New Zealand jumped from 1 four years ago, to 27 last year, to 53 in the first half of 2015…prompting the passage of federal rules to protect everyone else from danger.

A drone was confiscated from a 39-year-old man after it flew within 300 feet of a Lufthansa plane as it was landing in Warsaw. He’s old enough to know better

At this rate, it’s not a question of IF a drone is going to cause an aviation disaster….it’s a question of WHEN.


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