Paris Hilton should be punished for faking a plane crash

That little plane-crash stunt Paris Hilton posted on YouTube keeps bothering me.

As soon as I saw it, I thought it was a fake.

In Bracing for Impact, we profiled 16 survivors of both large commercial airplane and small plane crashes (including ourselves).  Everyone we spoke to essentially said the same thing.  When you’re in a plane that you think is going to crash, people on board tend to be calm as though they’ve been electrified by fear. When a plane is in trouble, you know you’re going to die.  It’s not an “if” – it’s how do I remember my last moments.

The first thing that struck me as odd in the video is everyone running around yelling.  If a plane is having engine trouble, you run to your seat and buckle up no matter how afraid you are.  That’s self preservation kicking in. And then for the camera to be focusing on Paris Hilton’s face as she keeps fixing her hair and pushing it behind her ear.  Really?  Do you really think anyone about to crash cares what they look like – even someone as vain as she is?  If every hair on my head had been standing straight up off my head like a cartoon character, it wouldn’t have surprised me at al.

There really is no worse thing than being in a plane crash and to see a video of a bunch of spoiled brats pretending to be afraid and making a “joke” about what is often people’s worst fear is a disgrace. Nearly everyone who survives a crash, struggles for years afterward with both psychological and often physical trauma.

To think she got paid $1 million and that so many people may have been in on this prank irks me to no end.  Were they really that desperate for attention?  It’s pathetic.



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